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Welcome to the redesign of my graphics website! Well, I'm about to redesign this site yet again. I've learned more about graphics design and website navigation in the past year so I'll put it in practice here. Please be patient as I'm updating the site. Let me know if you run into any broken links.

All graphics on this site were created by me using Paint Shop Pro version 7 with Alien Skin's Eye Candy 4000, Xenofex, and Splat Plugins, as well as Flaming Pear's Super Blade Pro and Fantastic Machine's Paint Engine.

Please feel free to browse around. I'll be adding links to my favorite graphics sites as well as to major commercial sites where you can find graphics software.

If you see any graphics you like, please right click on the graphic and save to your own hard drive or web server. My site is continually growing, and, as such I am adding and renaming graphics constantly. If you link to my web server, be warned that you will end up with broken links. These graphics are provided free for use on personal and non-profit web pages. All I ask is that you send me an e-mail with your site address so I can see how others are using my graphics. If you would like to provide a link back to my site, I have provided a logo below and the following HTML.

Couch Corner Graphics

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